Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eli Halpin Sheep

I stumbled across the oil paintings of artist Eli Halpin and thought that would be a great oil pastel and coloring mixing project for my first graders.  I showed them some of Halpin's paintings and the students really got a kick out of all the colorful animals.  We drew some sheep, colored them in with some colorful circles and added a different color swirl.  They turned out very cool and the students' loved them.  Eli Halpin's work can be found here:

Amazing Masks!!!

My sixth graders finished up the plaster masks they have been working on for the past two months.  They used Paris Craft plaster strips in a mold to create the masks initially, then used tin foil, hot glue, and more plaster strips to customize and add to the masks.  It was amazing to see 100 white plaster masks come out of a mold, all exactly the same, then two weeks later every single mask had grown into its own personality.  We then painted them and added some mixed media objects.  I loved this project and was amazed at what my amazing students came up with, enjoy!!